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Surviving the Music Industry

Oct 13, 2016

Brian “Honey” Bunn is a unique case for a player. Honey Bunn was a Nashville artist for the band DecembeRadio, a multi-Dove Award winner and Grammy nominated band, and has transitioned to being a “player” in the scene in recent years. Brian was one of the owners of DecembeRadio and toured for over a decade. The guys talk about being in the Christian music industry and what does that even look like, and the differences between working with other genres. What does that transition look like? We also get a reality check glimpse of what it really looks like as a band coming up and winning awards. Fast forward to present day, Brian is a songwriter. The guides talk a little bit about transitioning to a songwriter that is coming up in the industry. Brian shares his most recent cuts and even struggles to get there. When the guides and Honey Bunn get through talking about their favorite TV shows to binge watch on tour, they finally get to playing with Thomas Rhett. Thomas Rhett is one of the biggest country music artists rising and one of the most coveted gigs in town. Yes, Jason, their current drummer is still there. Brian shares his inside experience in the camp, how he got the gig, and even what gear he uses for a Thomas Rhett show. Check out @therealhoneybunn on Instagram and DM him for a chance to work in his studio, “The Bakery”…get it? Thanks to Fat Bottom Brewing for the lead sponsorship and thank you to Danny Faillo for this episode's music. Visit Danny on Facebook and his Instagram account @dannyfaillofly.