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Surviving the Music Industry

Sep 7, 2016

Sitting in on this conversation was like listening to old friends playing catch-up. Teddy Boldt is one of Brandon's favorite drummers in town, and one of Brandon's first friends upon moving to Nashville (awwwwww). If you ever wanted to be on the outside of inside jokes, this episode's for you! Nah, you'll get some jokes! Teddy grew up underprivileged in one of the most privileged cities in America. So to go from couch surfing and spending nights in his car to playing in one of the biggest party rock bands in the country living it up in five star hotels and tour buses is a story worth telling. It's no fairytale--listen to how a homeless fashion designer living in L.A. became one of Nashville's biggest, flashiest show drummers. It is an incredible story! Family Force 5 is a party rock band based out of Atlanta/Nashville. You've seen them on Van's Warped Tour, top of the Billboard charts, and many festivals around the nation. Teddy gives some insight on the personalities and the business infrastructure of FF5, and then the learning curve of dealing with that. We get to hear some info nuggets of what's in store for the next record and where FF5 is going. For all you ex-Wavorly fans, we didn't forget about you. Teddy talks about landing the Wavorly gig, life after Wavorly, and how he was literally seconds from walking away from music until he got the call to be the newest member of Family Force 5. Teddy is heavily influenced by 80's New Wave Music, so your guides found it fitting to play "80's Drummer Karaoke" with the help of our newest friends at Special thanks for the beats on this episode go to Jared Kneale,, and of course our lead sponsor, Fat Bottom Brewing.