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Surviving the Music Industry

May 9, 2017

Pat has been a Nashville engineer, producer, and mixer for 40 plus years. In his early recording career you can see his name on historic records from artists ranging from Dolly Parton, Willie Nelson, Brenda Lee, George Jones to *NSync and Exile. Wanna know how you know when you’re ready early in your career? When Dolly tells you it’ll be ok! Wanna hear dirty jokes from George Jones? Pat’s heard’em! What about mixing an N’sync record? Yeah, he’s done it. Today Pat is the Operations Director for Ocean Way Studio, owned by Belmont University. This episode’s for engineers and music history buffs. We talked about the key players in the recording industry, and their infamous stories behind the scenes. What are the struggles that modern studios are dealing with today? Listen how Pat solved Ocean Way’s dilemma to survive in a market that is in survival mode, and his advice to stay strong in this economy!