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Surviving the Music Industry

Nov 28, 2017

My ultimate dream job, a composer...Jordan Critz new early in his life that he was destined to be a composer where I knew I was destined to do —something. Still haven't figured that out yet...He's collaborated with artists like Drew Holcomb, Kris Allen, Tim Halperin, and Jason Castro; he’s written folk music and produced multiple albums with rock band Green River Ordinance. He's composed for symphonies around the country, toured with multiple artists, and is a respected engineer, as well as studio musician. Jordan Critz places about 1,000 songs a month -- his work has been featured on numerous recordings as well as film and television including Disney, National Geographic, Apple, CBS, PBS, ABC, NBC, ESPN, Lifetime, TEDx and more. We chat about discovering his talent, breaking in to the business of licensing music and how he did it, and we chat about his debut album, Edge Of The Light set to release on December 1st. Jordan lends his newest music in this episode. Visit for everything Jordan, and keep up with him on Twitter & Instagram, @jordancritz. Listen to his music in Spotify and iTunes. Big thanks to for supplying the good times for every episode.