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Surviving the Music Industry

Oct 4, 2016

Just eight hours after Labor Day Jason and Brandon caught up with Nashville’s hottest session guitarist, Derek Wells. Derek was born in Nashville, Arkansas and he lives in Nashville, Tennessee. So it’s safe to say Derek is from Nashville. The music industry is all Derek has known since birth. Both parents have very successful careers in the industry and Derek shares what it was like growing up on Keith Whitley’s and Dolly Parton's bus. Derek really got serious about playing music at a very surprising age and he never went back to journalism school. Let’s just say this, Derek had a very real understanding what he was up against coming from Music City. He dove in head first in his parents basement and learned everything that he could because he felt the talent bar was set in Nashville, and if he was going to be a musician he had to work harder. He waited tables and practiced until landing his first pro gig with Josh Turner. Through time, more gigs, and some road lessons, he made the shift to playing sessions. Derek has recorded on some of the biggest projects of 2016. Artists like Maren Morris, Jake Owen, Blake Shelton, Drake White, Granger Smith, Jennifer Nettles, and Dan + Shay to name a few. You even get to hear some of what to look forward to from big artists that Derek worked on. Does Derek have it all figured out? By his own accord, no! “I’m just trying to prove I belong.” Listen to a man full of humility trying to figure it out just like the rest of us. The guides get a back seat view through the life of one of the biggest session players of today. They talk about anxiety and even the fear of failure in the studio. How do you even get plugged in to the session scene of Nashville? What’s the difference between a road guy and a session guy? Listen to some of Derek’s stories while working with today's biggest music acts, his favorite past projects he’s worked on, his favorite gear, and even his advice for session players and songwriters. Derek is up for Country Music Association’s Musician of the Year Award for 2016. If you’re a CMA member we implore you to…VOTE FOR DEREK!!!