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Surviving the Music Industry

Oct 17, 2017

Guthrie Trapp comes up to the attic to share some of his new record, Life After Dark, that’s not even released yet. You can hear it here first as well as his journey from a kid in Alabama to the future of the legendary status of a Nashville guitarist. You’ve seen him or heard him play with John Oats, Jerry Douglas, Sam Bush, Patty Loveless, Albert Lee, Kellie Pickler, and so much more. Guthrie takes us through a guided tour through his unconventional childhood growing up with some of the biggest blue grassers and songwriters of the time, to playing in the Don Kelly Band on Broadway. Then we take a dive in to what makes Guthrie tick. Whether it be different music genres, or the state of country music. Visit for all thing Guthrie including lessons through, booking clinics, or knowing the next time Guthrie is playing in his many projects. Follow Guthrie on Twitter & Instagram @guthrietrapp and on Facebook @guthrie.trapp. Don't forget to download and stream Guthrie's music on Spotify and iTunes. Thanks to Fat Bottom Brewing for the tasty treats for this episode. Check out