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Surviving the Music Industry

Dec 26, 2017

Lori McKenna is the first woman to win the ACM's Songwriter of the Year in 52 years, she’s had and still is having major success in songwriting with hits like “Girl Crush”, “Wreck You”, “I Want Crazy”, and the most recent award winning hit “Humble & Kind”, and she wanted to talk to me!  Yes I did fan-boy Lori, but then we got to work.  We get to discover Lori’s journey from songwriting as a hobby to a career, we chat about her "polarizing” hits and how she handles the criticism, and some of the inside details of her songwriting.  But first we chat with Lauren Duski.  Lauren has been busy after The Voice.  We chat about touring, writing for the record, and what to look forward to. Follow Lori @lorimckennama and Lauren @laurenduski.  Download and stream their music on all music platforms!  Many thanks to for sponsoring this episode and as always huge hugs to for all the love!