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Surviving the Music Industry

Oct 30, 2018

Building a career, managing your career, and all things songs with artist Alex Hall and veteran music publisher Tim Hunze. Alex calls Gainesville, Georgia home but writes songs for himself and other writers in Nashville, TN. He grew up riding horses and playing sports, but music has always been an important part of his life. With encouragement from his middle school choral director, he began focusing specifically on singing. It was the summer before high school when he started playing guitar, singing at the local restaurants and bars and writing songs. We start the conversation when Alex started breaking in music and moving to Nashville. We dive into his newest song "Homesick" and what makes his writing style different than others. Visit for tour dates and to check out all of Alex's music, and follow him @musicbyalexhall

Then respected Nashville music publisher, Tim Hunze, comes in to talk things publishing and some insight into songs that he's learned through his career. Tim started his career by starting his own record label, right after graduating from college. After the label scored a hit video on BET and a charting single, Tim sold his interest and moved into the publishing world. In his first job as archive manager at Hamstein, he got his first cut and when it went to #14 on the Billboard Country chart he was promoted to Creative Director. He stayed with the company as it sold to Mosaic and then to Stage Three where he became General Manager. Under his management, Stage Three had over 15 #1 hits and helped Bobby Pinson become BMI 2009 Writer of the Year and Brett James become 2010 ASCAP Writer of the Year. In 2011, along with JP Williams, Tim started Parallel Music Publishing and in their first 4 years, they scored 5 #1 hits. The hits continue to pile for Tim and company.

Tim shares some memorable moments working with writers like Bobby Pinson, Michael White, Brett James, Tom Shapiro, Tony Martin, Lee Miller, and Jon Mabe. He also shares the rollercoaster ride of supporting writers and the ups and downs of what it means to be a publisher. Tim is also the host of the AIMP Nashville Pubcast; a podcast that informs and educates current and future publishers and offers insight for songwriters. Listen to the podcast, check out Parallel Entertainment, and give Time a follow @timhunze.