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Surviving the Music Industry

Sep 25, 2018

You've heard him from the live show, but now it's time to get to know the man behind the 90's sitcom sage advising, self-deprecating humorist songwriter, Barry Dean. Barry is the writer behind the Grammy-nominated and NSAI “Songs I Wish I’d Written” award for Tim McGraw’s “Diamond Rings and Old Barstools,”; he has co-penned two No. 1 singles for Little Big Town, “Pontoon” and “Day Drinkin’”; “Think a Little Less,” which hit No. 1 for Michael Ray; Ingrid Michaelson’s Top 40 smash “Girls Chase Boys”; and has an ever-growing list of country and pop successes.  But few actually know what it takes to get where he has gotten and in a very unconventional way. Barry takes nothing for granted. Even with his conversation with me, he drops plenty of wisdom for songwriters but also he shares an inside look at the self-doubts a songwriter feels.  What are the paradigms for a songwriter and when should you give it up?  We try to dig into his songs but the bigger message here is that Barry truly believes in the craft and its writers. Be sure to follow Barry on Instagram @thebarrydean, and let him know that you laughed at his jokes. It'll make his day.