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Surviving the Music Industry

Sep 24, 2019

Billy Strings shares his idea of home and journey so far in our conversation. All before the launch of his latest album, Home. Pre-order and stream the record on September 27th.


Billy Strings has already put a lot of his life in his songs. His music touches from substance abuse, poverty, and the characters that intertwine in life. Billy spent most of his time bouncing in-between Michigan and Kentucky, but he really found his community in Traverse City Michigan. There he was introduced to Don Julin, the writer of Mandolin For Dummies. Don really helped Billy cut his chops on performing daily and understanding how to make a career as a career musician. Since then, Billy is recognized as one of the premier guitarists in Bluegrass. Rubbing elbows and cutting records with the likes of Bela Fleck, Bryan Sutton, Sam Bush, and Del McCoury. Turmoil & Tinfoil, Billy's first record charted at No.3 on the Billboard Bluegrass and he's the rising star of the acoustic guitar. 


In our conversation, we talk about bouncing around from town to town in the early stages of his life. The introduction of drugs and substance abuse in home life. Then the turnaround in his life that made him not continue down that path. Discovering Bluegrass and the catalyst of jumping headfirst into the genre. We also tackle his writing style. This idea of classic bluegrass themes but changing the elements to make them relevant. Also his guitar playing. Pushing bluegrass guitar in a new direction that seemingly hasn't changed in decades. He helps me understand the power of psychedelics and DMT and getting in touch with the earth. Finally, we jump into Home. Billy's latest record, set to be released September 27th with 14 tracks that define the idea of what home is to Billy.  In this episode, you can get a sneak peek of the music from the album Home. For tour dates or anything else of interest visit and follow Billy @billystrings.