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Surviving the Music Industry

Aug 27, 2019

Car crashes, talking hits, and learning life lessons with the songwriter of "Wild Thing", "Angel of the Morning", Chip Taylor and London based artist Belle Mt.. Chip is the creator of timeless hits spanning 5 decades and Belle Mt. shares the origin or his latest release "Origins". 


Belle Mt. (bell-mont) is songwriter Matt Belmont that just released the video for "Origins" but also it's the first single of 2019 (produced by Grammy award-winning producer Femke Weidema). This London-based artist uses life-altering moments to create a new story and "Origins" is no different.  We get into the nuances of the new track and video; pride, a crash, and relationships. We also figure out the faults of keeping scores in life's relationships. Visit to check out the video and see tour dates, and follow him @bellemtmusic.


Chip Taylor (James Wesley Voight) will probably always be known as the songwriter who wrote "Wild Thing" and "Angel of the Morning." But there's so much more to the man besides 2 songs. Other notable tracks include "He Sits at Your Table" (Willie Nelson), "I Can't Let Go" (Evie Sands, the Hollies, Linda Ronstadt), "The Baby" (the Hollies), "Any Way That You Want Me" (the Troggs, Evie Sands, Melanie, Juice Newton, Lita Ford, Liverpool Five), "Just a Little Bit Harder" (Lorraine Ellison, Janis Joplin), "Sweet Dream Woman" (Waylon Jennings), "A Little Bit Later On Down the Line" (Bobby Bare), "Rock Soldiers" (Ace Frehley), and "Son of a Rotten Gambler" (Emmylou Harris, the Hollies, Anne Murray). A new generation is getting to know Chip by his track on Netflix's Sex Education, "F*** All The Perfect People" as well.


Chip, a Songwriter Hall of Fame Inductee, also has a love for country music and even built a healthy career in the 70's in the genre. We talk about all these but we also go into his other passions and careers (A notable gamble and golfer). But more importantly, we get to understand how Chip ticks and we tackle the ups and downs of his career. One would think that your way is paved with a track record like his, but you even learn through his latest record (Whiskey Salesman) the life lessons learned from this vet. Whiskey Salesman is out now under Train Wreck Records and you can follow Chip @chiptaylorofficial