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Surviving the Music Industry

Jul 10, 2018

Songwriting is a tricky business. Especially when Nashville's songwriting has shifted stylistically within the past decade. The art of country songwriting exists through Chris Hennessee and Paul Bogart. Chris is a songwriter, musician that plays in Jamey Johnson's band, and now stepping into the spotlight. Creating and writing the music that he loves. We talk about his music, what led him to Nashville, and his newest record Ramble and all the surprise appearances. Visit to download the record and follow him @chrishennessee. Then we have Grammy nominated country music artist, Paul Bogart. Paul is a cowboy that rides the rodeo and plays country music.  We talk about his music, what was the catastrophe that was the catalyst for his career, and the artist that encouraged him to pursue a career in music.  Be sure to listen to Leather, Paul's Grammy nominated record, on all streaming platforms and visit Also, follow him @paulbogartmusic.