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Surviving the Music Industry

Jul 30, 2019

The creative headspace, bro's ruining dates, and new music with Clare Bowen (ABC's and CMT's Nashville) and Caroline Spence.  Caroline and I tap into her latest release, Mint Condition. Then Clare shares thoughts on cancer, living in Australia, the LGBTQ community, her TV experience, and releasing her self titled debut album. 


Having won numerous songwriting awards, it's safe to say Caroline Spence is a songwriting wizard. Caroline and I share a fellow songwriting acquaintance and then soon we're off diving into her latest release, Mint Condition. As we're taping into the specifics of words and the power a pronoun we begin to understand the landscape of the project. Having gone through some of our favorite instances in the album, we get on the topic of living inside your head as a creative. Is this the catalyst of anxiety? If we didn't work in our heads would we feel may be more "normal"? What most people might see as a personal flaw, we should embrace though. By sharing the heart of your self and inner feelings in a song, we discover is our greatest gift to the world. Visit for everything and follow her @carolinespence_.


Some might know Clare Bowen after the success of ABC's Nashville as the character Scarlett O'Connor, but that shouldn't slow her down as an artist in her own right. The Australian actress that we might know sits down to talk about her battle with cancer at a very young age, sharing insight into the creation of her latest record, and we talk about the music from her self titled debut. Produced by Josh Kaufman (The National, Bob Weir), Clare Bowen's album also features Buddy Miller and songwriters Lori McKenna, Brandon Robert Young, Nathan Chapman, Stephanie Lambring, and Caroline Spence. An album 5 years in the making, because of production schedules, is an introduction to who Clare Bowen is personally. Clare also is an advocate of many things. She shares the origin of taking up arms with the LBGTQ community and her passion for food. Not to mention we tackle loneliness. The idea of capturing your thoughts and feelings like loneliness and sharing it with the world can be really vulnerable. But once it's out, you begin to realize that you're not lonely at all. Her album is out now on all platforms, and you can also visit for tour dates and updates. You can follow her @clarembee on Instagram.