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Surviving the Music Industry

Sep 11, 2018

Side hustle, rock music, and moving on with David Nail and Digital Brains. Adam Shoenfeld, lead guitarist for Tim McGraw, revisits to talk about his bands newest release 3.  The new EP features three heavy hitting tracks, the band is consists of three members, and all three members talk about why the side project. Adam, Corey, and Danny all have day jobs in or around music but this is the passion project. Be sure to check out the EP on iTunes and Spotify, follow the band @digitalbrainsofficial, and visit for everything about the band.  

Then David Nail, country chart-topping artist, comes in to talk about new beginnings, new project, and career. David has spent a decade leaving his unique mark on modern country music.  Known for hits like, "Red Light", "Let It Rain", "Whatever She's Got", "Nights On Fire", and so much more. David shares his journey of moving into Nashville, being discovered, and really what was it like in the days of excess. We hear the stories behind his hit songs, their songwriting journey, but most importantly we talk about his newest project David Nail and The Well Ravens. Billed not as a solo album, but as a project, Only This and Nothing More finds its frontman leaving behind the familiar comfort of his longtime record label and, instead, uncovering new ground with help from two longtime partners; multi-instrumentalist Andrew Petroff and producer Jason Hall. You can pre-order Only This and Nothing More now before it's release date September 14th, but in the meantime, the band has shared some of their songs in this episode as a preview. Follow @davidnail and visit for everything about David Nail and The Well Ravens.