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Surviving the Music Industry

Oct 2, 2018

Behind the music, songwriting, and willing to fail with Canadian songwriter Donovan Woods. Born and raised in Canada, Donovan was pretty hip to the folk and bluegrass scene. Sighting Emmylou Harris, Fred Eaglesmith, and even east coast rap as inspirations. He knew songwriting was going to be his thing. So with the advice of his sister to pick up girls, he would need to learn the guitar.  Years of honing the songwriting craft and uploading music to Myspace, Donovan was noticed by an indie movies' producers and actors to use his song for the film. Then sometime in the mix, another song was picked up for a national ad. From there it has taken time and dedication to the craft and his music.

Woods is known in his songwriting to talk about the feelings that nobody really wants to talk about or even the feelings we don't even notice.  Since flying to Nashville for songwriting sessions, he soon had Tim McGraw cutting "Portland, Maine", Charles Kelley "Leaving Nashville", Billy Currington "Sweet Love", Charlie Worsham "The Beginning of Things", just to name a few.  Woods is also one to not shy away from hot topics and even stating country music was never a genre to follow the status quo. Donovan is on tour and he has a new record out. Be sure to go to for tour dates and stream Both Ways on your favorite music platform. Then give him a follow @donovanwoods.