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Surviving the Music Industry

Sep 4, 2018

Ups and downs, motivation, and songwriting with soul artist Samira Gibson and Drew Holcomb of Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors. Samira is a three-time Apollo Theater winner and has worked with artists like Chaka Khan, Mary J. Blige, Elle Varner, and Vic Mensa. Now stepping into her own solo career in soul music, Gibson's message is loud and clear. Positive and empowerment. Can that message be hard to maintain though? Is life a dark comedy or is it lessons of life? Stream #PWER and Already Famous on your favorite platform and follow Samira @samiraagibson. For tour dates, merch, and even music visit

Then we have songwriter, entrepreneur, and artist Drew Holcomb. Most people have heard of Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors but few know the man himself. Drew is the owner of Magnolia Record Club, a vinyl record subscription plan that he and other artists curate for their subscribers. He also has his annual music festival Moon River Festival that he has spearheaded since 2014. Then throw on top of that songwriter and artist. Drew still tours and travels with his longtime band and even has an Emmy in his pocket. Drew and I break down some of his most popular songs and albums and even discover where his love of songwriting began. Recently, Drew is on a high note with his current songs with Johnnyswim and he lets us know what to expect from him in the future. Give Drew a follow @drewholcombmusic, subscribe to Magnolia Record Club, and visit for tickets to Moon River Festival and all things Drew Holcomb.