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Surviving the Music Industry

Oct 16, 2018

Producing, discoverability in 2018, and new music with Dustin Burnett (aka Zayde Wolf) and Lincoln Parish (aka Parish f/t).

Parish f/t is a record producer, songwriter, and guitarist based in Nashville, TN who has worked with artists including Lissie, The Moxies, Run River North, Rebecca Roubion, American Idol’s Paul McDonald and Lucinda Williams. Best known as the lead guitarist for Cage the Elephant, Parish co-wrote and played guitar on their first three albums including the Grammy nominated album Melophobia (RCA) and its No. 1 single “Come A Little Closer”. These days Lincoln is producing new music under the name Parish f/t. The "f/t" stands for feature because all the material that is being released features a different vocalist behind his tracks. You can check out Parish's latest releases "What I Need" with Paul McDonald and "Release" with Daphne Willis. We chat about his latest music, life after Cage the Elephant, and influences. Visit or follow him @parish_ft for his latest music and updates. 

Dustin Burnett is a producer, songwriter, entrepreneur, and also the creative genius of Zayde Wolf. Having licensed hundreds of songs, his music is everywhere. With licenses ranging from film trailers, television shows, pro sporting events, and video games, to major domestic and international advertisements on the internet with FoxNBCABCESPNMTVCBS, and TLC networks, it’s hard not to run into the sounds of Zayde Wolf. But it didn't start with Zayde with Dustin. He takes us through his experiences of hustling music as an indie unknown artist, figuring out Nashville, and then producing tracks and music for well-known artists. Let's not forget about That Sound, a sound sampling company that specializes in drums and packages the tracks to make producing easier and creating possibilities for producers to take their tracks to the next level. You should visit for more information and if you're new. They're offering $5 off your first order. Dustin shares his vision of That Sound and what a producer is.

Then we tackle Zayde Wolf. Is Zayde, Dustin or the other way around? At the helm is Dustin but Zayde is always his Mr. Hyde. Dustin takes us through conception to the present where his creative empire began with one song by accident and has since skyrocketed to include over 489,000 Spotify monthly listeners with 29 million streams, 9 million YouTube views, and 88,000 YouTube subscribers. You can pre-order the deluxe version of Zayde's latest record Modern Alchemy that is being released on October 26th anywhere music is sold but in the meantime visit for everything and follow Zayde Wolf @zaydewolf