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Surviving the Music Industry

Aug 13, 2019

Life in a box, sobriety, and reflecting on being famous and if that is success with Smithfield and Griffin House. Jenn and Trey of Smithfield come to talk about their newest EP, We Make Our Own and the past year of their radio tour life. Then Griffin talks about his music, movie, and his latest record Rising Star.


SmithField was founded in 2011 of Trey Smith and Jennifer Fielder. Spending most of their journey as an independent duo, they began hitting their stride after releasing, "Hey Whiskey". A highly regarded single from the duo that was released after their stint with a major label. Armed with time and lessons learned on their own, SmithField is now an indie duo learning the country radio game and developing their sound. We take the time to talk about the game of radio at their level, discovering and developing their sound, and breaking all expectations from fans and the business. Visit and follow them @smithfieldmusic.


Griffin House is an artist veteran having releasing his 13th studio record, Rising Star. We dive into Griffin's music and a lot of his new stuff. But I would think more importantly we take a look at sobriety and what success looks like these days for Griffin. A large part of what his up-coming movie about, we take a look at the success of our mutual, and not so mutual, friends and compare them to us. Perhaps a natural thought process, but for Griffin we get to the heart of the issue. That includes sobriety, family, and time. Time is a funny thing. His 2004 debut album Lost and Found was lauded as one of the “best emerging songwriters.” He began touring, opening for acts like John Mellencamp and The Cranberries, and found himself meeting people like Bruce Springsteen and Willie Nelson. By all accounts, House seemed poised to be more of an “overnight success” rather than a ”rising star”… but that’s not exactly how things turned out. “I’ve been a “rising star” for the past 15 years. For tour dates and everything about Griffin visit and follow him @griffinwadehouse and @griffinhouse.