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Surviving the Music Industry

Nov 2, 2016

Olivia Lane is one of the kindest, hardest working women country music. As she waves the independent artist flag, she is making waves across Nashville and the nation with her catchy tunes. Olivia is a Texas native, California educated, Nashville transplant that has been an artist quite possibly her whole life. Growing up she would be inspired by her own mother, a Texas regional artist, to pursue a career in songwriting and playing music. Fast forward to her 'Quarter Life Crisis' and she has had country music chart success with her hits, "Steal Me Away," and "I Make My Own Sunshine." In this episode Olivia and the guides talk about staying true to who you are, what makes up a team to achieve chart success, the struggles of working as a female in a predominantly male driven industry, and even discovering the harsh realities of making and building relationships in the music business. There are a lot of emotions and even those "feelings" things in this episode...