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Surviving the Music Industry

Sep 10, 2019

Making it happen when an entire world is telling you it's not going to happen with Crowd Surf co-founder and co-host of the podcast "How I Got Backstage", Jade Driver. We talk about digital strategy and what's really popping in 2019. Social media marketing, crisis management, finding yourself as an artist, but most importantly we talk about mental health in the landscape of working in the industry. 


The history of Jade has a pattern of making it happen and passion. I also found that Jade has been pretty true to herself. A true fan, passionate about her work, and no stopping her. Early in her career, working in radio promotions, she met what would be her future clients. From there Warner Bros. came calling because of a revolutionary idea that Jade was already doing. Using social media as a tool for the music industry. In the time of Myspace's zenith, Jade and her team focused on capitalizing the platform to push their clients further in their careers. Soon Crowd Surf was born. Crowd Surf is a fan-centric marketing company, with offices in LA, Nashville and NYC, which specializes in entertainment marketing, artist management, digital strategy, content production, publicity and digital crisis management. Clients include Britney Spears, Backstreet Boys, Why Don't We, Andy Grammar, AJR, NCT-127, Becky G, Loren Gray, Michael Buble, Max & Harvey, Jenna Raine and EBEN. 


In our conversation, we chat about our brands and how to utilize that on social media. In the digital age of social media, how do you go that next level at no matter your current status? Then there's the trap of comparisons but no matter what sticking to who you are. There can be mental health concerns.  Jade and I connect on when and how to get help. 


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