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Surviving the Music Industry

Oct 1, 2019

ACM Guitarist of the Year and Americana Musician of the Year, a new album called West, and becoming an American citizen with Jedd Hughes.  We finally meet up with Jedd after a reschedule because he had to take his Citizenship Test. We sit down to talk sobriety, beating the music school system, and rediscovering your identity after life's turbulent twist and turns.


The story of Jedd is one of redemption, tests, and second chances. Originally from Quorn, Australia, Jedd made the move to America to study music at Levelland Texas' South Plains College. As fate would have it, there he met Terry McBride (of Terry McBride and The Ride) that took an interest in Jedd's talent. A talent of songwriting and musicianship based from artists like Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings––and his older brother loved Led Zeppelin and 90s grunge. Terry encouraged Jedd to move to Nashville and soon Jedd went with the sole goal to keep working so he could stay in America. Through connections and persistence, he landed an audition with Patty Loveless which inevitably put him in the circles of Rodney Crowell, Emmylou Harris, Buddy Miller, Vince Gill, Ryan Bingham, Sarah Jarosz, the late Guy Clark, Jim Lauderdale, Brandy Clark, and more. Many recognized Jedd's unique voice and MCA was quick to sign him to a recording contract, but again as fate would have it. The label was sold and as the pattern would have it. When a label is bought is sold, artists are dropped. Jedd was dropped just one month after his debut album, Transcontinental, in 2004. Still a fellow collaborator in the Nashville scene, Jedd was able to continue working as a session guitarist and you can hear him today on records by Dierks Bently, Rodney Crowell, Charles Kelly, Charlie Worsham, and more. But life still was turbulent. Now sober for 3 years, at this point alcohol and substance abuse was a way of coping and filling a void where the industry left a hole to be filled. After finding help and a new artistic direction Jedd finds life fulfilled with family and even new music. 


In our conversation, we tackle sobriety, mental health, and when life honestly gives you lemons. We even take a bit to understand what it takes to become an American citizen. Not to mention we take a look at Jedd's latest release, West. West is filled with cinematic landscapes that take you down a hole of despair, restlessness, and even redemptive points of the musical journey. The album is out now and can be streamed on all platforms. For everything else visit and follow him @jedd_hughes.