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Surviving the Music Industry

Jul 2, 2019

New music, a preview, and getting to know Ivory Layne and Kassi Ashton. Ivory Layne, one of Justin Timberlake's artist's under Villa 40 just released "Cookie Cutter" and Kassi Ashton takes us back to California...Missouri. Look out for the full episode of Ivory Layne in a couple of weeks and stream all their music where ever it's the coolest. 


Layne started songwriting at age six but didn't take serious interest until turning fourteen. She taught herself music production, working from her bedroom and posting demos online. In 2011, her work caught the attention of Grammy award-winning producer, Ed Cash. The two wrote, produced, and released her first EP, Volume One, in 2013. Shortly after, Layne moved from her hometown of Denver, NC, to Nashville, TN, to further her artist career. "Cookie Cutter" is Ivory's latest release but in the conversation, we get a spoon full of her quick whit and personality. Download "Cookie Cutter" and all her past releases anywhere and visit for everything including tour dates. Follow her @ivorylayne.


Swagger and vibe all day with Kassi Ashton. I've known and listened to her music but we get to know Kassi and her music in this conversation. Growing up "unconventionally" in a Missouri town left Ashton to her art. From fashion to music, creating is more than just a hobby or a job. Then working at Hooters to going to school in a conservative school for music, Kassi wins her showcase to eventually become the artist we know today. From Keith Urban's "Drop Top" to her own music with writers like Luke Dick, Natalie Hemby, Luke Laird, and others creating with her. It's a breath of Nashville bubble fresh air. New music is out now and she continues to release new music just about every couple of months. Her latest release, "Field Party" is out now and you can visit for her merch, news, and everything else. Follow her @kassiashton.