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Surviving the Music Industry

Jul 3, 2018

Kelleigh Bannen and Andrea Zonn have two things in common. Country music and struggles. Kelleigh is a songwriter/artist from Nashville, TN and the story teller behind the podcast ,This Nashville Life. Kelleigh and I chat about discovering music outside her recitals and acapella group (imagine Pitch Perfect but less sexy), what led her down her own path as an artist, and life after disappointments. She has reason to celebrate because Kelleigh just released new music and you should play it from Spotify or iTunes. Subscribe to This Nashville Life in your fav podcast player, and follow the show @thisnashvillelife. Visit and follow her @kelleighbannen on all her socials. Andrea Zonn is the voice and fiddle in many famous recordings with Vince Gill, James Taylor, George Strait, Neil Diamond, and the list goes on for a couple of decades. We explore Andrea's entire career and her solo projects, her run-ins that become fruitful relationships, and the challenges she's faced in life and in career. Visit for her tour dates and music. Then follow her @andreazonn.