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Surviving the Music Industry

Feb 14, 2019

Granville Automatic merges history with songs. This isn't stuck in the library on a Saturday night kind of music. Imagine more if John Prine was Indiana Jones. These songs do belong in a museum but we're lucky to hear creative takes on some of histories darkest moments. It's no different in their latest record Radio Hymns. Elizabeth Elkins and Vanessa Olivarez are tenured songwriters and artists, together and separately, but together they bring history to life even when we tried to leave these stories buried. For Radio Hymns, you hear some of Nashville's best kept, darkest secrets. Themes of murder, deception, condemnation, redemption, and even Jimi Hendrix are muses for this 13 track history lesson. Again, these are the things you didn't learn in eighth grade Tenessee history. 

For this sneak peek of our 2019 season, I thought. Let's share a love story on Valentines Day. It's the story of a Barber, his love, a nut case, and a gun. Visit, download and stream Radio Hymns, and give them a follow @granvilleautomaticband.