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Surviving the Music Industry

Nov 13, 2018

A taste of home, overhauling healthcare, and dropping verbal bombs with Castlecomer, Tatum Allsep of Music Health Alliance, and Luke Dick of Republican Hair.  One song can really change your life. That's at least the origin story for Australian based band Castlecomer. Bede and Neel of the band let us in how touring the states have been going, how their song "Fire Alarm" and 8 shows in 3 days changed their lives. We also dive into the music and how pop sounds are just the palette for lyrics that have deeper meanings. They just released their self-titled album and you have to stream it now. Check out for everything about the band and follow them @castlecomer. 


We all know healthcare needs an overhaul but rarely do we talk about or even know the current resources that are available to musicians. In steps Tatum Allsep, CEO and founder of Music Health Alliance.  Tatum has major street cred before founding non-profits. Her career includes six years with MCA Records, artist management for the legendary Americana band, The Derailers, and the launch of the first-ever Vanderbilt Medical Center/ Children’s Hospital Music Industry Relations Department. After years of research and development, Tatum founded Music Health Alliance, a non-profit organization designed to provide solutions to the immense need for affordable healthcare access to the music industry. Tatum and I converse some of the troubles of healthcare and what MHA's response to these situations are. She also shares the stories of why they exist. For everything about this life saving non-profit organization, visit if you need help navigating healthcare.  Also, follow them @musichealthalliance. 


Some will remember Luke Dick from Season 2 as the philosophical, hit songwriter ("Kill A Word" and "Pink Sunglasses"), documentarian, and frontman of Republican Hair. He comes up to the attic to talk where Red Dog (his documentary about his childhood and an infamous strip club in Oklahoma) and what his band is up to. Republican Hair is looking at global domination in 2019 but until then the newest single "Chaotic Good" will have to pacify you. Be on the lookout November 16th for the newest track and video. We do tackle the songwriting process and is it worth solving the puzzle or throw it away. You can follow Luke @lukedick, but everything about the band @republican_hair and