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Surviving the Music Industry

Jul 21, 2020

Guitarist and songwriter Mark Erelli is always pursuing what's artistically fruitful in his music. That's not to say optimism is easy or natural but with his latest project, Blindsided. Hope and that things need to be fixed socially and politically are still relative and worth writing about. To have a conversation with a scientist about social and political trials and what that means in music takes evaluating one's assumptions. Oh did I mention that he is an Evolutionary Biologist? In between writing his material you can catch him playing guitar with songstress, Lori McKenna ("Humble & Kind", "Girl Crush", "Cry Pretty"). Mark's latest offering from Blindsided not only analyses his assumptions but also reflects the conversation to the listener. In conversation we take a look at Mark's writing style and when is it the time to speak up or write a song.