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Surviving the Music Industry

Jun 18, 2020

A life of twists and turns has led Matt Stell in more than a few directions, but on the heels of his impressive breakthrough year with his hit "Prayed For You." He's keeping his eyes forward with his next song, "If I Was A Bar." At one time, Matt was a collegiate basketball star playing the bars and clubs of Missouri and Arkansas under the name Paul Wayne Walker because his coaches frowned upon his late-night activities. It came down to a decision to move to Nashville to pursue a songwriter's career or his next step in a pre-medical program at Harvard extension school. But luckily, Matt made the right choice and the accolades to prove it. “Prayed For You,” is the ONLY debut artist single to top the Billboard Country Airplay chart in 2019. In addition to holding No.1 for two consecutive weeks on Billboard, Stell’s hit topped the Country Aircheck/MediabaseAirplay chart. He fully admits there is no pressure to come up with a hit though. He's more concerned for his musicians and team during this trying time, and rectifying the systemic issues that are troublesome today.