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Surviving the Music Industry

Oct 23, 2018

Songwriting, stolen weed, and growing your career with John Craigie and Matt Urmy. First, John Craigie jumps in to talk about expectations of connections but a couple of things you should know is that John is a songwriter armed with wit and truth. “the lovechild of John Prine and Mitch Hedberg.” describes him perfectly. Recently John released a song with Jack Johnson, “I Wrote Mr. Tamborine Man”. We talk about the power of lyrics and the first line, songwriting, and even types of writing songs. In 2018 his studio album Scarecrow was released and hailed as transparent and truthful which is a constant in his life. Be sure to visit for upcoming tour dates including his #KeepItWarm tour and new music, and follow him at @johncraigie.

Matt Urmy talks about his perspective of songwriting, entrepreneurship, and owning your career. When Urmy was four years old his family moved to Nashville, TN, where he lived until college. He graduated with a BA in creative writing from UT, Knoxville, and an MFA in poetry from Spalding University in Louisville, KY. He has also studied traditional healing practices with the indigenous people of New Zealand, the Maori, for nearly 20 years. Aside from publishing two books of poetry (2007 & 2015), Urmy also released his debut album in 2017, Out Of The Ashes, which was produced by the late, legendary, Cowboy Jack Clement. Rolling Stone Country named Urmy as one 10 artists to watch, and The Nashville Scene called it, “…the most fascinating Nashville album of the last decade…” In 2012, Matt founded the groundbreaking software company, Artist Growth, which he ran as CEO until 2018, raising millions in venture financing and forging deals with the most iconic institutions in the music industry. He now serves as Chief Strategy Officer and has clients ranging from Universal Music Group, Vector Management, Red Light Management, Maverick, C3, Qprime, and countless other labels, artists and management companies.

So in this episode, we capture what Artist Growth is and where is the platform heading for artists and an industry. The platform really is shaking up the industry and making the creator really take ownership of their career. We take a ride on the failure train and because you’re failing doesn’t mean you’re a failure, but rather it’s a learning experience for success. For everything about Artist Growth visit and everything about Matt at Also, follow him at @matturmy and @artistgrowth.