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Surviving the Music Industry

Jun 18, 2019

Breaking down the hits, talking about home, and holding hands on the struggle bus with Natalie Hemby and Hailey Whitters. Both songwriters, but one is a member of the Highway Women and the other is living in a 10 year town with The Dream.


Behind a great song is a songwriter with crazy abilities to be able to pen those songs. Most of these tracks you've heard might have been penned by Natalie Hemby. Songs and projects include Kacey Musgraves' Golden Hour, Miranda Lambert's "White Liar", "Automatic", "Highway Vagabond", Little Big Town's "Pontoon" and "Tornado", Republican Hair's "Fuck A Bomb", songs for the motion picture A Star Is Born, and way more than what can fit here. Always being connected to the industry doesn't give you a free pass. We go through Natalie's personal, family history and connections that even though it sounds like you get a pass. Natalie has proven time and time again that she is a staple in the songwriter community. We talk about trying to do the artist thing, quitting music, and coming back strong. We break down some of her biggest hits including "Rainbow" and "Always Remember Us This Way". Then her unique, supernatural ability to write songs like the way she does is discussed. Natalie also shares some news about a new album in the works after her critically acclaimed, Puxico. To keep up with Natalie and to follow updates about the Highway Women supergroup, give her a follow @wruckestrike on Instagram and Natalie Hemby on Facebook. 


Hailey Whitters is 12 years in, in a 10 year town. I felt connected with Hailey, not just as a fellow musician but someone who is on her journey of figuring things out too. Her latest project, not yet released, The Dream is an introspective look into the cycles of life. Not just an artist, as a songwriter Hailey penned Little Big Town's "Happy People", and continues to show up every day in the songwriting room. We talk about her latest releases "10 Year Town" and "The Days" and looking for validation in life beyond a like and when to start trusting yourself. Life's journey and challenges continually change for Hailey, as it does for everyone, but for the conversation, we take a look at past songs and look at the growth up to the present. Follow Hailey @haileywhitters to keep up when The Dream will be released and go to for tour dates with Maren Morris,  Lori McKenna, and Brent Cobb.