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Surviving the Music Industry

Jul 14, 2020

Nikki Yanofsky's career I'm sure would have blossomed into what it would eventually be just because of the sheer talent, but it was one slot that she secured at the Montreal International Jazz Festival that would exponentially set her up as a major artist. There and soon after she would be rubbing shoulders and capturing the attention of Quincy Jones, Phil Ramone (Billy Joel, Paul Simon, Stevie Wonder), Herbie Hancock, Rod Temperton (“Thriller,” “Rock With You,” “Boogie Nights”), and many others. We go through the years of feeling like a black sheep and acceptance being the key to dust off the negative stereotypes that follow with a label. Even fear acting as a calibrator to share your innermost feelings as an artist and when to use that fear in your art. Rod Temperton being a personal friend and mentor in Nikki's life, Nikki shares some of Rod's writing styles of Prosody and what made the quality of such songs like Michael Jackson's, "Thriller", what they are. Taking these lessons from Rod, mentors, producers and even life lessons, Nikki's newest album Turn Down The Sound is one that pushes the pop genre but gives a tip of the hat to those that laid the groundwork before. Decategorizing genres, today's quality of music, and even personal acceptance are all things discussed in the life of Nikki Yanofsky.