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Surviving the Music Industry

Aug 28, 2018

New music, a long career, and following the muse with Reeve Powers, formerly of Beach Weather, and Josh Rouse. Reeve Powers first talks moving on. But on good terms with his former bandmates.  Since our conversation, Reeve has found a new direction from a rock sound to something along the lines of fuzzy pop.  Give Reeve's new song, Vitamin D, a listen and follow him @rvpwrs.  

Then Josh Rouse comes to talk about his newest record, Love In The Modern Age. Josh is a veteran of art and he has developed a reputation as one of the leading American singer/songwriters of his generation. With 12 records under your belt, how can you not be?  His songs present themselves to you with an open heart, an innate intelligence and an absolute lack of pretension. Josh was born in Nebraska, and following an itinerant upbringing, he eventually landed in Nashville where he recorded his debut Dressed Like Nebraska.  The album’s acclaim led to tours with Aimee Mann, Mark Etzel, and the late Vic Chestnut. The followup- Home—yielded the song “Directions” which Cameron Crowe used in his film Vanilla Sky. A Goya (The Spanish equivalent to an Oscar), moves between Europe and the states, more records, Josh now settles down in Nashville, TN and recently released Love In The Modern Age. This new record is a sophisti-pop nod to the early-'80s. Visit to buy the record and vinyl and follow Josh @joshrouseofficial.