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Surviving the Music Industry

Aug 20, 2019

Sam Bush takes us deeper into his side of the history of bluegrass, the state of the genre, and as we reflect on past projects. Sam came in to promote his latest music, "Stop The Violence", as well as setting the record straight on some of the details of his story. 


If you've seen the documentary Revival: The Sam Bush Story. You've gotten a taste and understand the life of Sam. In this episode, we actually go beyond the movie and tap into what happened in some of the pivotal moments of Sam's life. His relationship with Lonnie Wilson, life after The Bluegrass Alliance, the conception of The New Grass Revival in the Capitol Record years, and willing to walk away from what could have been great opportunities to embrace who Sam has become. 


Sam is what most people have dubbed the Father of New Grass, a progressive style of bluegrass. Armed with numerous awards and accolades to justify his status in music, Sam is a champion of art while most have discredited the genre. We take time to discuss his role and thoughts on the future of bluegrass/instrumental music and take a look at his recent plea to stop the violence with his new music.