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Surviving the Music Industry

Sep 17, 2019

A look at Country-Rap in the early days, scaling a record company when the industry was heading toward a tailspin, and forward-thinking with Average Joes Entertainment and Hideout Pictures CEO, Shannon Houchins. 


An early entrepreneur, Shannon was hustling movies and music at an early age. How'd he do it? Selling contraband (bubble gum) at school funding his first camera. Then what does every film need? Music- which started Shannon's career in the music industry. His first big break was a role as a staff producer for Jermaine Dupri's So So Def Productions. He produced remixes for T.L.C., Usher, Jagged Edge, and Kut Klose. His time with So So Def gave Shannon the street credit and client base to form his own company, 11th Hour Entertainment with partner Doug Kaye. 11th Hour's first exclusive artist/production project was Bubba Sparxxx. In 2006, Houchins started his own label Average Joe's Entertainment Group with longtime friend and flagship artist, Colt Ford. Houchins has been an Artist, Producer, Label President and finally with his film credits. Hideout Pictures is becoming a staple in the film industry. Hideout Pictures and Shannon has credits from CMT's Still The King, Jay and Silent Bob: Reboot, animations, and projects all still in production as of 2019. To see an updated artist roster visit and to see the film projects that are currently in production visit