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Surviving the Music Industry

Jul 31, 2018

High energy bands, Riot Grrrl music, and new music in this episode. First we have two-thirds of Skating Polly, Kelli and Peyton. This Riot Grrrl influenced punk band takes us behind their newest record, The Make It All Show and some of their songs.  We also dive into punk music and if the lyrics really come from an authentic place or is it just filler. Visit  for tour dates and follow them @skatingpolly.  Then I had Daniel Ellsworth swing by to give us a glimpse into Fashion, their newest record that you can pre-order now at  before their August 24th release. DE+TGL is a Nashville based indie pop rock band that understands where music is. Daniel and I chat about the climate for indie bands, we break down their records, and explore and highlight Daniel's life and career. Follow the band @deandthegreatlakes listen as we try to figure out music.