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Surviving the Music Industry

May 28, 2019

Reflecting, motivating, and defending the voiceless with country icon Stella Parton and Bennet Cerven of The Trouble Notes. The Trouble Notes are a power trio that plays instrumental music with an international diplomatic message. Bennet shares his story of cutting ties to the financial institution for busking the streets of New York City, the messages of some of their latest music, and fills me in on European politics. Then celebrating the life and legacy of Stella Parton with her 40th studio album, Survivor. Stella shares stories of abuse, overcoming, strength, and pivotal moments in her career.


Stella Parton’s career began as early as 7 years old singing with her sisters and family in the foothills of the Smokey Mountains. One of twelve siblings including Dolly Parton, country music has been synonymous with the Parton name. Stella is best known for a series of country singles that charted during the mid- to late-1970s including three Top 20 hits with "The Danger of a Stranger", "Four Little Letters", and "Standard Lie Number One". Her biggest hit being 1975's "I Want to Hold You In My Dreams Tonight". She is also a seasoned actress, entertainer, and advocate. Her reputation as standing up for those even when it’s not that easy has been ridiculed and even been threatened. She shares stories of abuse and assault in a time of the “good ole boy(s)” of Nashville and her thoughts and experiences even in the #MeToo era. Hopeful, Stella is proud of the current time and the continued conversations of abuse in entertainment, but there are still too many with a voice that don’t speak for those that can’t. She also offers insight or the lack there of in the sex trafficking ring of East Tennessee. As her 40th studio album was released, Survivor is a look at her past and being able to look at it with strength and grace. You can stream and download the record on all major platforms. For appearances, books, memoirs, cookbooks, merch, and tour dates you can visit and follow her @stellapartonofficial.


The Trouble Notes are Bennet on violin, percussionist Oliver Maguire, and guitarist Florian Eisenschmidt and together with their mantra, “Music from everywhere for everyone“ perfectly describes their sound. Bennet Cerven of The Trouble Notes drops in during their Nashville visit to share how easy it was for him to cut ties with the man on Wall Street and to start busking the streets of New York City. We get political and talk world news which leads to the music of the band. Completely instrumental music with a message, Bennet gives me real hope for humanity and shares the power of music in a time of desperation and war. He shares the messages and stories of their most recent music, and we talk about the reception and how one's views interpret their music. For everything visit and you can also visit to get a listen of their newest download, “Super Bloom”.